Alabama Football Coaches

Alabama Football Coaches with Nick Saban

Famous Alabama Football Coaches art on canvas

David Gwin, a well-known art collector and Alabama Football supporter, asked the artist to create a painting of the five most famous and successful Alabama football coaches in history!

Therefore the artist, Christiaan Bekker, created this amazing painting on a canvas of 46″ x 36″ in size.

They won 16 championships all together. 

Demonstrated are Bear Bryant, Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Gene Stallings and Nick Saban. Do you want to see how it was made? Watch the video!

Most of all, the artist will also create your own exclusive college football painting on any size canvas you may choose. Contact Us or call the artists directly at 574-386-3345

 famous alabama football coaches painting


famous alabama football coaches painting sketch


Famous alabama football coaches oil artwork in progress by sports artist christiaan bekker