American Patriotic Art

Patriotic Art on canvas to support our country and military

patriotic art 911 Twin Towers art printThis maybe one of the best patriotic art paintings the artist has ever created. Within a week after the attacks he completed the painting of 911, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon! Here is a great description of this painting and it is especially relevant because it explains how the artist experienced the events.

He was also commissioned to paint the famous Sheridan Tank from the Vietnam era.

Most of all, the artist will also create your own, exclusive, painting on any size canvas you may choose. Contact Us or call the artists directly at 574-386-3345

Above all, the artist has also a credit line available in easy monthly payments if you would like to order an original painting.




Celebrity Art

manning colts dungy sketchCelebrity art, like movie stars, by the artist Christiaan Bekker for sale. He uses palette knives with oil paints on stretched canvas. Maybe the artist can paint your favorite musicians and  actors of your choice?

Due to his popularity, the artist did a pencil sketch of Tony Dungy, the former coach of the Colts as you can see in the image on the left..

Most of all, you can discuss your ideas or either use his suggestions for the project. In addition to your order, he will ship it absolutely free!

Contact the artist to create your own celebrity artwork to hang in your house or office. Call today at 574-386-3345



Wildlife Original Art

African Wildlife oil paintings and prints by artist, Christiaan Bekker, done with palette knives on stretched canvas for sale.


First of all, the canvas prints are ready to hang in your boardroom, office and home or most probably as a gift to a friend who loves the outdoors.

In addition to African wildlife the artist also create American wildlife such as the Bison, Elk and Moose.

Animals like elephants, cheetahs, cape buffalo, leopards and rhinos in the wild makes it specially relevant. Sketches, drawings and prints of these animals available as a gift to outdoor enthusiasts and a loved one.

Most of all, the artist will also create your own exclusive college football painting on any size canvas you may choose. Contact Us or call the artists directly at 574-386-3345

Most of all, you can also apply for a credit line to make monthly payments on original art!


Sports Art Gallery

Sports Art, Paintings and Drawings

You maybe interested in purchasing original sports art or high quality prints?

He creates his original sports oil paintings on stretched canvas and therefor it is of high quality. Maybe you can have a look in the gallery below?


Commission your own sports art painting

He paints your heroes playing football, basketball, baseball or golf.  Due to the quality of his art it is in high demand. Therefore, sketches, drawings and prints are available for sale on this website.

This is the ultimate source for an original and exclusive oil painting on canvas for the sports enthusiasts. Collect memorabilia of the legends in the game!

Do you have a sports hero and would like to capture him or her on canvas? Maybe you can consider to commission the artist to create an exclusive painting just for you and, most of all, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Most noteworthy, the artist will paint any subject you want. Ideal gifts for friends, family members and sports fans.

We also offers a credit line for original sports artwork

The artist has also provided a credit option for potential sports art enthusiasts to buy original paintings on a credit line. Feel free to visit How to buy art on credit

Why would you invest in sports art?